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1) If you eat too much meat, then your body, when it sweats tend to give off a bad odour. A bad body odour is not good fengshui as you create "shar chi" around you rather than "sheng chi". So eat less meat and more vegetables.

2) If you live on a landed property, the water found in the drains should ideally flow from the front to the back but this is not the case for most houses in Singapore. Hence people living in landed property usually find that they cannot save money and also tend to spend money unnecessarily.

3) If you live in a condo and is very near to trees or forests, you will get a very cool feeling when it rains and very peaceful. But a lot of these trees also means too much "yin energy", therefore do not hang any metal head Japanese windchimes near the balcony or windows.

4) In a Shopping Mall, escalators near the main entrance should always go upwards to lead the chi into the shops above.

5) If planning to buy a landed property make sure the plot of land is rectangular or square or narrow at the front and wider at the back. It is not good if they are irregular in shape or wider at the front and tapers towards the back.

6) If you have glass partitions in your homes, cover it with wood or plastic green rounded leaves so that the glasses are not sharp and cutting into the spaces around you.

7) If you happen to have pillars in your bedroom, you may also wish to cover the edge of the pillars with plastic green leaves from the ceiling to the floor. The leaves will actually soften the effect of the sharp edges from the pillars.

8) Always smile and smile deeply from the heart. This is the secret to success. If you can achieve this, you are someone very important and rich today.

9) Do not keep dry flowers in your house. Dry Flowers are past prosperity and also give rise to shar chi (negative energy).

10) Cactus are plants which should not be placed in offices as their leaves are small and thorny and give rise to quarrels if placed on your office tables.

11) It is good to cleanse your office or house using sandlewood incense at least once a month. This is to clean away any shar chi (negative energy) left behind.

12) When you enter into your flat, it is best not to face the stove as you will be greeted by stove which is fire in nature and hence you would be easily irritated.

13) Always stay positive and believe that nothing is impossible.

14) A good fengshui house need not have to have a mountain at the back and water at the front. Sometimes these mountains and water are out of place and hence can be a bad fengshui house. Therefore do not always assume.

15) Keep your home neat and tidy then chi is able to pass through smoothly. When that happens, you will have good luck.

16) Do not put brief cases in between your legs.

17) If you loose something important like a diamond ring, do not worry or feel sad as something great will be coming on the way.

18) In your office, make sure you do not keep cactus as cactus's leaves are small and thorny giving rise to "shar chi" (negative energy) and small sharp poison arrows pointing to all directions causing disharmony.

19) When you learn fengshui or is beginning to be more aware of it, do not become too supertitious. This is bad for the mind. Learn to look at things from the logical point of view and ask questions.

20) Buying a house that has numbers ending with a 4 or 14 do not mean it is bad fengshui house. Some houses ending with 14 has very good fengshui but you did not buy them as you are supertitous and tend to think that numbers 4 and 14 are bad numbers. This is a wrong concept which people should change.

21) If your house or flat has the sea or swimming pool on the southern part of your house, then this year, you will experience some troubles and problems. The fengshui cure is to hang a metal windchime there. This will take care of the "naughty annual star" (#5) there in the South this year. Remember it is only for this Year, 1999.

22) For a house we need to improve the flow of chi inside the house while for our personal self we also need to improve our "personal chi". To improve personal chi: Breathe deeply in and hold for as long as you can and then breathe out.Your fingers has to be placed this way: the middle finger has to touch the thumb (for both right hand and left hand). Do this as many times as possible each day and see the results. You will be surprised.

23) Do not place a standing fan or any object next to your wealth area where you had placed the fish tank or water fountain.

24) In a Shopping Mall, escalators near the main entrance should always go upwards to lead the chi into the shops above.

25) If planning to buy a landed property make sure the plot of land is rectangular or square or narrow at the front and wider at the back. It is not good if they are irregular in shape or wider at the front and tapers towards the back.

26) Do not hang swords in the house unless you wish to have a broken relationship.

27)Do not have shoes, slippers outside your main door. The wind when it blows will carry the smell of shoes to the inside part of your house and this is bad fengshui.

28) In your office, if you have a glass window behind you, then close all the window blinds to form a solid wall behind your back to give you support from your boss and your staff. If there are no blinds, then cover the glass windows with two layers of paper to create that wall behind you.

29) If your staff or secretary often fall sick, then try giving her a windchime keychain that chimes everytime she opens her drawers, thereby breaking all the negative earth energies.

30) Steep staircases leading downstairs outside any main Shopping Malls are like water being drained away from the Shopping Malls, hence the shops there can only make marginal profits.

31) In your home, the place where your children dislike to go to are usually places with bad fengshui. How to cure ? Hang a metal windchime or use anything that is metalic.

32) If you stay in a landed property, placed two rock lions at the Gate of your house, to give your house a solid feel or two rounded lights. Notice how houses with rock lions or rounded lights have a better "fengshui look" than others.

33) If you and your spouse disagree frequently, sometimes, it is because of the Ba Chi (a life reading based on your birthday and time of birth) that is not compatible or because of the house fengshui. Therefore without a fengshui check, simply accept your spouse as he or she is, learn to be more easy going and to forgive easily. You have to make the FIRST change first in order to receive good luck from the Universe.

34) In any restaurant business, waiters and waitresses have to be very polite and smiling all the time, in order that customers keep coming back. Call them by their first name if they are frequent customers and ask them to keep coming again. This creates good sheng chi (positive energy) other than the beautiful music that is being played. If waitresses love to gossip and talk bad things about others, they are creating shar chi (negative energy) in the restaurant.

35) The refrigerator, the washing machine and the wash basin should never be placed opposite the stove in the Kitchen. This causes friction between couples (fire and water clash) and disharmony is "shar chi" or negative energy in fengshui.

36) If you wish to buy a new clock, buy one that has a pendulum below to allow chi to circulate and one that chimes every one hour creating beautiful music (sheng chi or positive energy).

37) There should be no sharp arrows (sharp corners) pointing at your main door.

38) To slow down chi, you can use metal windchimes in your house.

39) Save your money in the banks that carry your lucky colour. In this way, you will find that your money stays inside the bank.

40) Do a lot of charity to gain happiness and greater wealth. The more you do, the happier you will be.

41) Be humble - it is the key to success.

42) Have compassion in your heart - it is the only way for your business to GROW.

43) Do not sleep with your legs pointing at your bedroom door or you will loose your job and your boyfriend/boyfriend in no time at all.

44) Do not place mirrors facing directly at your bed or you will invite a third party into your relationship.

45) Do not have mirrors facing mirrors in your master bedroom or you and your spouse will have frequent quarrels.

46) If your living room is too dark, you may use mirrors to brighten up the place or simply add in more lights.

47) Do not hang any thing outside your main door which can "hurt" your neighbour's main door.

48) A Door facing another Door in the house is not good for relationships.

49) The cure for a Door facing another Door is to use a "partition".

50) If you stay in a landed property have two round opaque white lights representing the rock lions protecting your house.

Copyright by Master Lynn Yap of 3P Fengshui Studio. You may circulate these around through emails but make sure, it has got my name on it. :) And Master Lynn wishes to thank that "kind soul" for taking down notes from the SIM Open House on 17 July 1999 and circulating them around. Thank you so much for helping make another's life achieve greater happiness, harmony and good health. To thank that "kind soul", here are more Fengshui Tips for you..............

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