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The history of face reading is one of a fascinating subject and interesting chinese culture which cannot be traced back to any origins unlike the tung sheng (the chinese almanac) or the I-Ching's hexagrams from the Five Star Rulers roughly around 3000 to 2000 BCE. There are no known facts exactly where or when they orginated.

However recent research on the "divinational arts" tends to point to the Chinese Culture Revolution between the sixth and the third centuries BCE.

And for centuries people have been using "face reading" to read people whether it be for the character or health or wealth. For some, it was a learned art while for others it was a guessing game. Some actually learned the art while others merely "blow horns" with no facts. These information had passed on from generations to generations and is usually more popular with the chinese than the other races. Through time, some of these knowledge were lost especially when many books were burnt at one time in China.

Therefore to learn "face reading" it is better to obtain the correct information from a china born chinese Master before practising it. And it is a life long study just like fengshui. It is my hope and intention to pass these ancient chinese information into english before they are lost forever. However I have a well kept and handwritten book on "Master Lynn Yap's Secret Book of Fengshui" which contains lots of secrets learnt from many masters and will be passed on once a "totai" (personal student) is found.

"Face reading" is therefore an old ancient art of reading the:
a) Character of the person
b) Wealth of the person
c) Health of the person.

And we can use these information for :
1) Match making
2) Career recruitment
3) Selection of Business partners

In this issue, we will discuss the EYEBROWS and the EYES:


Shape: The eyebrow is long and grows evenly beyond the eyebrow tail rising like a knife. Can be bushy or thick but they all grow in one direction to the eye tail.

Character: This sort of person likes freedom and must have things done their way. Hence, they will be rebellious as an employee preferring to listen to themselves and not the boss. For bosses, if you have staff like these , then use a different tactic to motivate them. Most of these people are not motivated by money but by challenges to succeed, be it project by project.

Wealth Status: Large

Career: Entrepreuneur , Technopreuner , CEO and they usually succeed because they never "give up" till they reach the "eyebrow tail" !

Beautiful Eyebrow
Shape: This eyebrow is usually long and curved. Usually thin brows and not thick and they are beautiful.

Character: A trustworthy person.

Wealth: Large. They are usually rich and well respected person.

Career: Very good employee. Obedient and hard working and usually works hard to excel and show their talent. Accountant, artist, businessman, Banker.

Small Broom Eyebrow
Shape: The eyebrow do not reach the brow tail end. Hence they are usually short and bushy like a broom. The hairs can also grow in all directions. They are also fierce when provoked. However they tend to have a short fuse.

Character: This sort of person is usually cunning, hot tempered and impatient.

Wealth Status: Low

Career: They do not usually work very long in one company preferring to move to another company once they loose interest or get bored with the job. Their impatience nature to get promoted will make them start looking for anther job that offers fast challenges. Hence you can say they tend not to be loyal to the company !

Best: Be in the fast moving never a dull moment career in the interent ! If they are really interested, they are an extremely fast worker !

Long Eyebrow
Shape: All hairs grow in the same direction and is long reaching the tail end. They tend to have a long life and if they are a writer they will be famous !

Character: Usually pleasant and warm hearted.

Wealth: Medium to Large

Career: Very faithful and good employee. Will listen to boss's instructions and follows them well. Can rise to be a Director or a CEO. Usually found among bankers, property agents, lawyers, regional Directors.

Sword Eyebrow:
Shape: They are usually long and straight. They also tend to be thick and grow in the same direction.

Character: They are a wise and born leader.

Wealth: Medium to Large

Career: Entreprenuer or Heads of Department, wise and good leader. Project Manager or Team leader.

Crying Eyebrow
Shape: The eyebrow head is higher than the brow tail.

Character: This shows that they are usually very selfish, cunning and good at pretending. They usually have a bad end , ending up in jail or they are never happy in life.

Wealth: Low

Career: A career in acting, show business, entertainments and pubs. If a business man he will usually face a lot of difficulities and cheat people of money. Not an honest businessman. If as an employee, they usually never stay long and are not loyal, can sell company information to another to make fast money.

New Moon Eyebrow
Shape: The eyebrow is usually long and well formed.

Character: This shows that they are usually very kind.

Wealth: Medium to Large.

Career: Very good staff. Can rise to Heads of Departments or Directors leading the team to success.Project Directors.

Dragon Eyebrow
Shape: The eyebrow rises and curves at the end.

Character: This shows that they are clever and have a good head for business.

Wealth: Large

Career: CEO, Entreprenuer or Techopreneur, artist, photographer, writer, publisher , Business Mangers and usually becomes leader in that industry.

Lion Shaped Eyebrow
Shape: The eyebrow curves.

Character: Pleasant personality.

Wealth: This shows that they are rich and well respected and will have a long life.

Career: Engineers, accountants, lawyers, Doctors, Directors, Banker, web designers.


Shape: Coloured lines in the iris. Angry eyes.
Character: Violet person and can betray you. They work merely to make money and usually not interested in career advancment. However there are those who are but they would steal company funds as their interest is in making fast money.
Wealth: Low

Shape: They are long in shape.
Character: Usually belong to a lonely person.
Wealth: Low and usually not in good luck.

Shape: The eyes are short.
Character: Lively, alert and courageous.
Wealth: Medium

Shape: The eyes are long.
Character: They tend to want to make an impression on the opposite sex as their eyes tend to shift and look at you from the corner of their eyes. They are usually gifted in arts and is usually successful.
Wealth: Medium.

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